Engagement Process

"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean."

- Ryunosuke Satoro

Our Engagement Process

We acknowledge your requirements and our process of development is maturing to meet your business goals. Our team is ready to take the challenge that you are experiencing and deliver high grade service to uplift your business. Our business engagement process are customized in the best way that fits your requirement.
Own-Your-Team Model
Are you an entrepreneur and want to develop a new app but do not have time to communicate your requirements to different teams for your project? Then our Own-Your-Team model is what you need.

In this process you will recruit an entire team of front developers, back end developers, UI/UX team, Quality Analyst and qualified Project Manager.

The Project Manager will oversee your entire project and will be your Single Point of Contact for the project. You can consult directly with the project manager for all your requirements and draft it as needed by the project team. This model is equivalent to a dedicated team, who would work effectively as your own team.
Fix-Your-Price Model

Are you an entrepreneur with a small to medium-sized project having simple and systematic requirements? Then our Fix-Your-Price model is what you need.

In this process, the project benchmark, variable and timetable will be identified before the start of the project to minimize your risk. The edge in this model is that it requires minimum or no administration on your part.

KAN Tech will take the duty to manage all facets of the project management, development process, quality, testing and affirmation. To reduce the cost of the project, this process model is the most effective to develop an application within a fixed budget with the project’s fixed timeframe for execution.
Bill-Your-Hours Model
Are you an entrepreneur or a startup and require maintenance or changes/bug-fixes in an already developed application, backup-restore, crash recovery or update new features into the application? Then our Bill-Your-Hours or time and pick model is what you need.

We would provide a specialist according to the number of hours the project needs to complete. You can provide all the requirements to the specialist and interact directly with them. During the project execution you can also accommodate additional features, and if needed, add more features.

In this process you can oversee the work and make changes/fixes as and when you need. In this process model the cost is calculated equivalent to the amount of time and efforts involved for the completion.
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